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Sadhana... the odyssey of a young Westerner who follows the call of his soul to India - the land of ancient and spiritual wisdom of the East.

During the next months, he travels from the hot lands of southern India to the source of the Ganges river in the Himalayas. Along the way, he meets holy men and spiritual teachers, travels and learns the discipline of detachment with a sadhu, and attends India's most sacred religious festival, the Kumbha Mela.

The result is a compelling docudrama about India. The scenes shot at the Kumbha Mela offer never before seen footage of the millions of the pilgrims and holy men converging at the Brahma Kund. It gives us a fascinating glimpse at the living spirit of Hinduism.

In it's North American release, Sadhana drew an enthusiastic response. Commentators compares it in scope and impact to such films as Siddartha and Meetings with Remarkable Men. Step-by-step, it takes us all Back to the Source.

"A wonderful philosophical tale and a fantastic inner journey... superbly filmed and stunning in its sheer beauty and generosity". France Lafuste - Le Devoir

"The visual of sacred Indian people, events, caves, and mountains are impressive. Coverage of Kumbha Mela is especially powerful". Douglas Todd - Vancouver Sun


Lille (France, non competitive festival)
(Germany, non competitive festival)
Houston Film Festival
(USA, feature film category)
European Spiritual Film Festival
Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival

Swami Shyam bathing - still picture from the film

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