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Holder of a B.A. in CoSoundman Roch Garneau and production manager Guy Desautels in the crowd at the Brahma Kund mmunication - Cinema profile, including one-and-a-half year of motion picture production with the filmmaker André Mélançon, Jean-Pierre Piché has worked over the past twenty years on more than a dozen films as a producer, writer, translator, director and editor. During these years he worked for some production companies including Cinepix, Les Ateliers audiovisuels du Québec (owned by the internationally renowned filmmaker Arthur Lamothe) and the Quebec national television Télé-Québec.The director discussing a scene with Bhairav the sadhu near the Ganges in Allahabad

Jean-Pierre has also worked as an independent filmmaker. As such he was producer, director, co-writer and editor of Sadhana - Back to the Source, a feature length documentary filmed in India that was released theatrical in both English and French across Canada and the United States. Sadhana was also shown in French on Radio-Canada (CBC) television as a three part series and in English on Vision TV channel. It has also been officially selected and shown at the Houston Film Festival and the International Film Festivals of Lille (France) and Frieburg (Germany). Jean-Pierre was also co-producer, co-director and editor of Le Cauchemar climatisé (documentary on life in jail) which was shown on Radio-Canada (CBC).

Jean-Pierre is nMarcel the seeker and co-director, Claude LaRue the photo director and Bhairav the sadhu at the confluence of the Yamuna, Sarasvati and Ganges riversow working on a half hour pilot for a documentary series on the spiritual leaders of our time. The first film titled Saccidananda - a Meeting Place will focus on the life and work of Father Bede Griffiths, a Christian monk who lived in India and tried to discover the unifying forces of all religions. Besides that, he recently finished writing in French the screenplay of a feature film titled Le Sang de la Liberté, a feature-length drama based on the story of a Canadian lay missionary who went to work with the Mayan Indians of Guatemala in the late 1970s and was killed in 1981 in a shoot-out between the Guatemalan army and the Indian guerilla force which he was supporting. The screenplay reached the semi-final of the L.A. international writing contest "WriteMovies" although it was presented in French (translation in process). Until now, Jean-Pierre has received three Canada Council grants for his work.


Film crew working in the foothill of the Himalayas. From left to right: Rock Garneau (soundman), Sukdev (our bus driver), Nicolas Alzani (second cameraman), Marcel Poulin (the seeker and co-director) and Claude LaRue (first cameraman)

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