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Welcome to the official Web site of the feature film Sadhana - Back to the Source.

While visiting this site, you will be able to see a promotion trailer of the film, read a brief description and a brief history of the film, some of the reviews since its release in North American film theaters and its DVD release, and to order the original 80 min. theatrical version of Sadhana on DVD.

American and Canadian public and film reviewers loved this enchanting feature film documentary which recounts the odyssey of a young seeker who follows the call of his soul to India.  According to reviewers, Sadhana is a "must-see for all spiritual seekers and anyone interested in India's spiritual legacy". Critics compared it in scope and impact to such films as Siddhartha and Meetings With Remarkable Men. They pointed out its "stunning visuals and unforgettable music". Travel through exotic India with Marcel the seeker as he encounters and discusses the meaning and purpose of life with some of India's extraordinary holy men like:
          Bhairav Muni the sadhu, Swami Shyam, Father Bede Griffiths and Swami Premananda.     

Still pictures of the main characters drawn out from the film

See mysterious rituals and experience your own awakening.

is not a fiction film. There are no actors, just real characters living real experiences. We originally filmed in 16mm format with high speed lenses what actually happened. Throughout the work of filming in the sacred land of India, we felt that a special energy was guiding us. We invite you to order the film and get insights into this "fantastic inner journey".Director's profile

In the name of the production team, I wish you an enjoyable
visit of this site.

Jean-Pierre Piché,
Producer and Director of Sadhana 



At the beginning of the nineties, Sadhana has been seen by thousands of peoplePoster of the film in California in cinemas throughout Canada and the United States of America.

The viewers were enthused by this personalized documentary and the film played large crowds.

For example, it ran five weeks in a roll at Le Milieu theater in Montreal, three weeks in Toronto at the Bloor, the Review and the Fox theaters, and three weeks in San Francisco at the AMC Kabuki 8. It is now made available for the television, home video and non commercial markets (organizations and educational institutions). Available in its full 80 minutes version (Television and DVD home video) or in 60 min version (Television only) or as a three part half hour series (Television only)

North American viewers were being charmed by this unusual film.

Following, is a list of bookings in Canada and USA (to be completed):





   Santa Cruz, CA
 Salt Lake City, UT
 Seattle, WA
 Yellow Springs, OH
 Berkeley, CA
 San Fancisco, CA
 Petaluma, CA
 North Hampton, MA
 Monterey, CA
 Coconut Grove, FI
 San Jose, CA
 Berkeley, CA
 Portland, OR
 St-Helena, CA
 Chico, CA
 Cincinati, OH
 W Los Angeles, CA
 San Luis Obispo, CA
 Louisville, KY
 Seattle, WA
 Austin, Texas
 Nevada City, CA
 Albuquerque, NM
 San Diego, CA
 Newberry Port, MA
 Santa Barbara, CA
 Chicago, IL
 Denver, CO
 Boulder, CO
 Berkeley, CA
 San Francisco, CA
 Sacramento, CA
 Reno, NV
 Santa Cruz, CA
 Norfolk, VA
 Enchinitas, CA
 San Diego, CA
 Boise, ID
 Washington, DC
 Baltimore, MD
 Nevada City, CA
 Ann Arbor, MI
 Waterville, MD
 Summerville, MA
 Portland, OR
 Cleveland, OH
 Albany, NY
 Woodstock, NY
 Hartford, CT
 Providence, RI
 Sash Mill/Nick
 Blue Mouse
 Neptune Theater
 Little Art Theater
 U.C. Theater
 AMC Kabuki 8
 Petaluma Plaza
 Pleasant Street
 Dream Theater
 Coconut Grove
 Camera 3
 Rialto Theater
 Cinema 21
 Liberty Theater
 Pageant Theater
 The Movies
 Rainbow Theater
 The Vogue
 Market Street
 Dobie Theater
 Nevada Theater
 Guild Theater
 Ken Theater
 Newberry Screening
 Victoria St Theater
 Music Box
 UC Berkeley
 Red Vic
 Keystone II
 Sash Mill
 La Paloma
 The Flick
 Railroad Square
 The Movies
 Spectrum Theater
 Upstate Films
 The City Cinema
 The Avon Theater


 (Original English version)  
   Toronto, ON
 Toronto, ON
 Toronto, ON
 Waterloo, ON
 Victoria, BC
 Montreal, QC
 Ottawa, ON
 Calgary, AB
 London, ON
 Kingston, ON
 Guelf, ON
 Vancouver, BC
 Edmonton, AB
 Bloor Cinema
 Review Theater
 New Yorker
 Princess Court
   (French version)  
   Montréal, QC
 Montréal, QC
 Montreal, QC
 Montreal, QC
 Québec, QC
 Le Milieu
 Cinéma Parallèle
 Le Clap

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